Travelling the world on a Churchill Fellowship

Hi, I’m Chris. 

2015-09-22 12.36.08 (2)

I’ve been awarded a Winston Church Fellowship to travel the world and meet other self-professed energy rebels, geeks and entrepreneurs trying to shape the future of our energy system. I’m meeting the leaders of citizen financing movements and other participatory energy start-ups – i.e anything which enables people to be actors a new participatory energy economy. For 60 days, I’ll travel through Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom and USA.  I’ll use this blog to share stories of the visionaries I meet along the way, their stories, ideas, and lessons.  If you’re into this stuff, hit FOLLOW and come along for the journey.

What’s the Winston Churchill Fellowship?

In 1965, UK’s great wartime leader died and Australia wanted to leave a positive legacy. Coordinated by the Prime Minister Robert Menzies, one in 10 people volunteered to collect funds, and practically every single Australian household was door-knocked on the same Sunday.  The result was the largest crowdfunding campaign in the history of Australia – £2.5m was raised. Each year since, with the earnings off this money, approximately 100 Australians receive a scholarship to travel the world, learning from the world’s best in their chosen field. Now in it’s 50th year, over 4000 people have been awarded the fellowship!

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